Site Assessment Reports

A Site Assessment Report is a great way to analyze the potential wind energy at a location before building a turbine. Free Compass Reports provide 200m resolution data at 30m wind speed height, while Paid Standard Reports allow you to choose up to three turbines at varying heights.

The report includes:

  • Mean Annual Wind Speed
  • Power Density
  • Weibull A and k
  • Gross and Net Energy Production for selected turbines
  • Annual Wind Frequency and Energy Content by Direction graph
  • Annual Speed Frequency Distribution chart

Signing up for a Site Assessment Subscription will not only get you enhanced features to the map interface, but will also give you a discount when getting reports.

Site Assessment Subscription

One of the features of a subscription is that you will get access to 4 overlay display layers (30m, 60m, 80m, and 100m) as well as the ability to customize what height you'd like your stats for. Entered hub heights can be between 10m and 100m and the display layer will automatically change to be the closest layer to the height you entered.

Another great feature of the subscription is access to the Compass. When you click on a location inside Pennsylvania, the compass will fill in with wind data for that location. Here is a sample image of the Compass.

The data that the Compass provides is:

  • Wind Speed (at specified height)
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Roughness
  • Elevation
  • Air Density
  • Mean Power Density
  • Weibull A and k
  • Wind Rose graph
  • Monthly Speed Distribution chart